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Relevance of Hands-on Science for Kids

Hands-on activities encourage kids to learn activity involving them in the process of science. Kids become invested in activities when they raise the questions and support design the experiment to answer them. Here are some other factors to do hands-on science: Show kids that science is a process they use daily. Engaging kids in the method of science teaches them that science is a way of thinking about the globe, a particular way of asking questions and looking for replies. […]

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STEM Apps, TV and Books for Kids Worldwide

Like everything else, technology has changed the way we view education. As a result, students’ backpacks don’t just contain notebooks and pencils anymore, but Smart Devices as well. Although, some parents believe that those gadgets are distracting their kids from their studies. However, there is no disputing the fact that technology is also enabling better learning for kids of all ages. Consequently, there are hundreds of apps, TV and books on Android and iPhone devices that are making technology, science, […]

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3 Learning Styles for Kids!(Must know for Every Parent)

People have different learning styles. Have you ever noticed that people tend to absorb and learn things differently? I mean just take a look at your siblings, friends, parents, and classmates and you will see that we all have different preferences of assimilating and understanding the world. This is because we all have different learning styles. This was true when we were a child and this is the case even as an adult. There are several learning styles. But it […]

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7 Parenting Rules that can Turn Any Kid Into a Genius

Parenting is a continuous process where there are no rights and wrongs. It is a trip where you are not just teaching the little one; but you are also on the journey to self-knowledge and discovery. You may read tons of books on parenting, but there is no fool proof method or a guarantee that your kids will grow up to be a genius at their craft. However, there are 7 practices that can be followed as parents. The secret […]

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