Boost your child’s brain through creative learning

The WIZKIDS CLUB is designed to boost your child’s brain through creative learning. To help them gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The club was launched by NASA STEAM-certified leader and children’s book author Sumita Mukherjee . It is designed with children aged between 6-12 years of age in mind. The Club is built around a host of compelling activities, experiments, travel stories, DIYS and engineering books. By signing up to the WIZKIDS […]

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Stimulate your child’s mind through Science

The WIZKIDS CLUB is designed to stimulate your child’s mind via science and features activities, experiments, travel stories and engineering books. Designed with children aged between 6-12 in mind, the club provides you with vast inspiration for activities, with the newsletter featuring details on contests and news that can help you get your child reading, learning, exploring and enjoying a host of new experiences and discoveries. The club enables you and your child to embark on exciting and valuable hands-on […]

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Cool Science Experiments for Kids Book, Plus Amazon Gift card!

We have reached the end of another great school year and as happy as we are to have the kids at home, it can become a bit challenging keeping them happily busy all the time. But don’t worry; your summer days can be filled with fun kid’s activities from my new book, COOL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS, launching 3rd July for only $1.99! It is jam packed with awesome hands-on activities and cool science experiments for summer! With this book […]

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Have you ever wondered whether your child was left brain dominant or right brain dominant? Or maybe it’s never really crossed your mind until now. “Is it even a thing”, you may be asking yourself? Well, apparently it is, even though there has been debate around it for years, it is something worth looking into. Like I always say, don’t take anything as gospel the first time around, do your research and then go with what feels good to you. […]

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No #1 Secret to Smart Parenting

Often I have heard parents say “I wish there was a rule book I could follow to get this parenting thing right.” And in all honesty, there isn’t one certain way that tells you what to do to the letter in order to get the results that you want 100% of the time. There are so many ways of raising children; it’s almost hard to keep up. More so, there isn’t one way of parenting that is the best way, […]

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Life Changing Books For Kids 2017

When I watch my child decide on the book we are going to read next, I can’t stop but reflect on my childhood. I quickly go into a reminiscent space where I recall the books that I used to pick for my parents to read for me. A lot of good memories were built then, and I have come to realize that it’s important that she reads some really important life-changing books that will help in molding her outlook towards […]

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Don’t Invest In Your Child in 2017 Until You Have Read This

When I watch my child enthusiastically page through one of her favorite books, full of wonder and awe and I think to myself that I need to get more books into her hands. I then realize that building a library collection for her maybe one of the biggest gifts that’s I can give her. Well, of course, right up there with love, kisses, and support. Emilie Buchwald once said, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” And […]

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Happy Holidays – Giveaway Included!

Happy Monday Everyone! I can hardly believe that it is Christmas this weekend already! The school holidays are upon us and I hope you have enjoyed the STEAM/STEM activities on my blog and in my book. If you haven’t got to them yet, do take a look around as there are many that you can enjoy together with your kids these holidays. STEAM AHEAD: DIY FOR KIDS is starting a blog tour today with RABT book tours . The tour will […]

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