Ghost of the Forbidden City


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Keiko, Kenzo and Eji are on their way to China with their school friends and a strict teacher. They visit the Forbidden palace and discover that it is haunted. Strange things happen in the guesthouse. When they investigate, they are shocked to see an unearthly hollow face! Kenzo, being a brave heart finds a clue and decides to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The book also offers insights and information on culture, history and geographic sites including the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden Palace, Zodiacs and Wonders of the World. It is a thrilling adventure book woven with real world facts to make learning absolutely enjoyable. Science and technology has been fused into the story to inspire kids to explore and invent.


“ The new Keiko and Kenzo book series is innovative in its approach in giving children exposure to the various social and cultural elements in the different countries, opportunity to create, learn and explore. As an educational tool this is a must have in the classroom and at home.”

James Mckellar, University of Manchester

“This is a wonderful children’s adventure story set in Beijing the capital of China. The stars are Keiko, her brother Kenzo and their pet squirrel Eji. The brother and sister are very lucky because their father Mr Kimura is a brilliant scientist and his genius has rubbed off on Kenzo. A wonderfully informative children’s mystery adventure, with lots of surprises and a happy ending. It is beautifully illustrated and has amazing graphics. I downloaded this book using my Kindle Unlimited membership and enjoyed reading it with my grandchildren.”

Susan Keefe, Author and Reviewer-Living-in-France Magazine

“It’s a beautiful combination of mystery, suspense and fun. It’s gripping and there’s no respite till I finish reading the book. The best part is it’s informative too. Loved every bit of it and the illustrations just make the whole thing so much more interesting. Hope of to see more in the series :)”

Amazon customer