Make your Dancing Doll using Motor and Circuit Design

Motors and circuits are so much fun that I can’t stop building more and more toys everyday. It amazes me, how little things can be assembled together and made into delightful toys. The Dancing Ballerina was always on my mind and I finally made it…

This is what you will need:


First, we need to make the circuit. Connect the battery to the motor and the switch to the motor. Then connect the switch and the battery. The motor should run when the switch is pressed.


Take the ink refill and insert it to the motor. Check if it works.


Now make a hole right at the centre of the cardboard box.


Insert the refill through the hole and glue the motor to the box with hot glue. Let it dry.


Once the glue has dried, it’s time to test the motor. Cut the extra ink refill leaving behind only 1 milli meter stick. It should spin!


Take the cardboard and cut out 2 circles of diameter 1 inch. Glue them together. This will be the base on which the ballerina will stand.


Make a hole right at the centre of the cardboard circles. Insert it into the ink refill stick. Now test the base.


Cut out a circle from the shiny paper and stick it to the base. This will be the skirt for the ballerina doll.


Take the dancing ballerina and glue it to the skirt.


Now it’s time for the big reveal! Are you ready? Press the switch and see her twirling and dancing to your tune!


It’s so much fun building a dancing doll! Check out more videos here:




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