So much more can be done in PARTNERSHIP than any person can do alone.

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The purpose of joint venture collaboration is to form partnerships with like-minded individuals to enhance marketing efforts, extend reach and grow each other’s business in ways that are mutually beneficial. If you are launching a new product or hosting an event, having partners to spread the word is always a positive way to begin. It’s a win-win situation!

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Becoming a Joint Venture Partner

Sumita Mukherjee is a children’s book author, STEM/STEAM enthusiast and certified leader, and creator of the WIZKIDS CLUB featuring highly engaging activities, experiments, DIYs, travel stories and engineering books perfect for children between 4-12 years of age. Do you target the same audience? If so, we will be perfect partners!

Joint Venture Partner Application

About our Audience

We currently have a small, but growing mailing list of active subscribers who are mostly STEAM enthusiasts and parents interested in children’s creative and educational books and products. Our promotions also go out to over 2000 (and growing) active fans/followers/subscribers on social media. Our relationship with our subscribers is important to us. We don’t want to burden them with too many promotional emails, so we are selective about the projects we promote. We are therefore currently looking for Joint Venture partners that resonate with our audience.

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