Sunken Treasure Hunt


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Keiko, Kenzo and Eji are in the bustling city of Singapore to attend their cousin sister, Kiara’s recital on Ancient Sea Trade. Keiko and Kiara discover a hidden note in an ancient urn, leading them into an ancient treasure hunt. Soon they realise evil treasure hunters are out to get them. Find out what happens in this race that takes place under the South China Sea.

The book highlights the attractions of the city of Singapore. Facts on Maritime Silk Road, Singapore Flyer, Ancient Trade and famous shipwrecks in the world have been woven into the story so readers can get a true sense of Singapore as they travel with our heroes in a dangerous undersea race for buried treasure.


“ The new Keiko and Kenzo book series is innovative in its approach in giving children exposure to the various social and cultural elements in the different countries, opportunity to create, learn and explore. As an educational tool this is a must have in the classroom and at home.”

James Mckellar, University of Manchester

“This is the second book that I have read in the Keiko and Kenzo series and once again I am impressed. It is a great children’s book. The story is interesting. It will hold your attention to the very end. The illustrations are really cute. Facts about history and geography can be found throughout the story. This really is a good read.”

Amazon customer

“A gripping story which never loses the speed of narration and remains easy to read for the children at the same time. Also, the interesting historical and geographical factoids add extra value to the book as an informative purchase for the children.”

Amazon customer