How to make a Handmade Projector


Build your own projector at home and play movies, photos straight out of your smart phone.

Simply use a shoebox, magnifying glass and a smart phone to build.

How to make a Dancing Doll


Make your own dancing and revolving doll using motor, battery and switch. Learn to have fun with circuits and make dream projects with cardboard.


How to make a Light-up Dance Pad


Make your own Light up dance pad and tap to music! Invite friends and party any time. Add lights or buzzer to make it rock! Make learning circuits fun.

Simply use cardboard, bulbs, battery and wires to build it!


How to make a Gel Lava Pen


Make your own bendable, glittery, gel lava pen using water, glitter and oil. Simple to make and lots of fun with this unique creation.

Learn more about liquids that don’t mix and can be exciting to play with.